• Cookies

    Most websites today use cookies - also known as cookies. A cookie is a text file that the browser stores on your machine. It typically contains a number that identifies this one browser. The intention is to provide a better user experience - and to keep track of how many people visit our pages - and where they click. This allows us to once again see what content is most important to our customers - and how we can better adapt the content.

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What are cookies?

EU's cookie law requires every website to inform the user about the usage of cookies and their intent. It also requires the site to give you as the user the option to opt out of cookies - which is what we've done here.

The intention of the law is to ensure the privacy of the user. That's why the box with question about whether we can use cookies or not pops up in your face.

What do we use cookies for?

Amatec uses cookies to track how many visitors are on the site and which pages they visit. No personal information is stored.