Constructed and built in Norway

The machine can sew through 21 mm thick rope + net. In addition it is also well suited for joining nets. It is perfect for production and repair of most types cages, pursaines and trawls, etc.

The machine has pneumatic lift/lowering of the pullertransport for easier operation. It has also an integrated silent-running compressor and is over all very easy to use.

Adjustment to different materials and operations is easily performed by the operator. The stitch is a solid 3-thread binding, and very thick thread can be used.

The machine is delivered with a table top, heigth adjustable stand with large lockable wheels, 1-phased 230V electronic servomotor and halogen lamp.

  • Knot catcher (for joining net without damage to the material).
  • Different types of presserfeet for various applications.
  • Sensor for threadstand. The machine stops automatically when sensing knots and stuck thread.
  • Electric height adjustable stand and freely movable treadle.